Teeth Whitening

The History of

Ancient Egypt

4000 BC

Teeth whitening started way back with the Egyptians who found white teeth as a sign of beauty... just like today!

They used a paste made up of grounded up stone mixed with vinegar. Probably not the tastiest tooth paste flavor!

Chew Sticks

3000 BC

Toothbrushes didn't exist yet, but people found a way to maintain their pearly whites.

Instead, people would use sticks and twigs to clean their teeth! The sticks actually had bark and wood that contained teeth whitening chemical properties.

Ancient Rome

27 BC - 476 AD

Romans used a bleaching agent called ammonia that they collected from.... urine.

When in Rome!



In the 17th Century, you would actually get your teeth whitened by your barber who would scrape and then bleach your teeth!

This technique often lead to tooth decay and other oral hygiene issues!



It wasn't until the 19th century that people with high fluoride diets had cavity free teeth!

Later we learned that too much fluoride leads to teeth staining!


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